Go Green Project – Holec Residence

Palmco’s Foxtail Palms are installed into an award winning landscape.

See the award challenges below or visit the FNATS website to view all awards, winners and photos at:  http://www.fngla.org/recognition/landscape-awards/winners.aspx

Primary Design Objective:  To design a functional, sustainable, no-turf landscape that is aesthetically pleasing, minimally impactful and low maintenance. The design must also be congruent with the home’s architecture, coastal environment and owner’s lifestyle, with the ultimate goal of earning platinum LEED accreditation.


The home is situated directly on the Gulf of Mexico and subjected to direct salt spray and storms. The designer selected salt-tolerant, native and Florida-Friendly materials, with exotics confined to the micro-climate of sheltered areas adjacent to the architecture.

Design Criteria:  Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Holec enjoy entertaining and wanted to share the coastal lifestyle with up to 25 guests in specially designed gathering spaces. They also wanted private gardens where they could retreat alone. Since the beautiful Gulf was the primary site feature, the architect the landscape to maximize the view by incorporating smaller, “portrait-like” views throughout the gardens.  A dramatic water feature was also developed into a triple-port, re-circulating wall that defined the outer courtyard boundary. The water wall buffered road noise, captured rainwater off the home’s decking for practical use, and added serenity involving all the senses. A living wall was added outside the master bathroom window consisting of drought-resistant succulents reflecting in an interior mirror.

State/County/Green Build Requirements:  Because the Holec residence is situated seaward of the Gulf’s setback line, it restricted what could be modified on the preserved west side of the site. The county also stipulated a minimum of 114 trees – a tall order given that the guest house, decking and garage consumed much of the forested area.

In Conclusion:  The result is a breathtaking, interdisciplinary mesh of fusing homeowner expectations with numerous requirements:  preserving a natural environment; adhering to budget/regulation constraints; using green materials; developing a unique design plan; and installing materials that stand up to an extreme environment.



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